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Hi and welcome!

I am Mara, the creator of this substack.

After a year-long (almost) absence from the online world, I decided to create a space where I could share my personal thoughts on things that matter to me: the journey of learning about ourselves as a newly diagnosed ADHD family, wellbeing, childhood autonomy, and how all these fit together when building a personal brand.

When not writing, I strategise and create personal brands for women leaders and change-makers. I am also a yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, and the founder of two wellness businesses, one in the luxury sector.

Always a storyteller and observer of the human condition, I went on to study Psychology with a Master’s in Film Psychoanalysis. One thing led to another, and I became a Film Editor, working in the heart of London, which was Soho.

Living the millennial dream, I was happily working twelve-hour days and travelling the world, unaware that my world would cease to exist upon the creation of my very own mini-humans.

One identity crisis, a few moves (one being in Thailand; best choice ever), one pandemic, and a bunch of trainings later (yoga and business), here we are, back in London: husband, two young teens, a shih tzu pup, and me.

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My plan is, as well as my thoughts and learnings, to offer you short practices (breathwork, meditation, movement), occasional soirées on zoom, and other experiences so we can regulate and find some quiet in the social media chaos together.

And if I haven’t written for a while, feel free to ping me… Rest assured, I have written but forgot to post…! #adhd

I can’t wait to have you in my world.


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Personal Branding Connoisseur, Wellbeing Educator, and Parental Equity Advocate. When not creating, I co-home educate, practise yoga, or hyperfocus on learning a new thing. –AKA Mara Kazantzaki